Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hello friends, I'm sad to say that I decided to suspend the development of this fun hobby for many reasons. I wouldn't get in to details, doing so will probably ruin many people's vibe.

I know I've been talking about too much crap in this blog, suspending , switching games, ideas, and stuff like that. But I temporarily quit developing these hobby games for now.

Fortunately, I haven't started any patreon funding campaign, because I knew this happens a lot, and I knew that I'll have to finish the game no matter what, which could harm my personal interests and life.
I've seen many developers getting pledges and quitting without notice, betraying their fund source and not giving shit about peoples wallets or effort in their own jobs.

I had to post this because I knew some people waste a few minutes every day on checking out this blog for nothing.

So, finally, thank you for your time, comments, suggestions, ideas and moral support.
I'll try to make a lot of noise when I come back (If ever) so you might have a better chance to notice it without following this blog.

**Btw, just as a treat, I've left a few scenes unfinished because I decided they should be in the game \ the build I planned.
One is from a story about a bully which tries to mug Justin at the beach, the other is the continuing of Justin / Chuck's sis relationship and the rest are misc scenes, aswell as Etta's secret.