Sunday, May 29, 2016


Took me a few hours of work, but I finally fixed the game. Now instead of taking 3-6gbs of ram it just takes 53mbs of ram. Runs on directx 9 and now supports window mode.

In other words. All of the crash issues that occured during the last few builds are solved.
I would recommend only to download the latest build and not the previous ones.

I've replaced the link in the 9th build post with a new one:!7FRlkYRC!NN64ObKpYtDS9RtAA1mKuFevLhbpuRbEBM71jPat68Q

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Build 9!



--Switched from dx11 to dx9.

--Decreased texture resolution so the game should weigh much less. (It still weighs more than the last low res build because it contains 8th + 9th builds content in addition.)

--Fixed load popup spam.

--Other misc Fixes & adjustments.

--Added "Guilt" stat for mom.

--Removed the shower scene with mom for now... (Conflicts with her new personality / story)

--Justin could now play with his mom at the room...

--New event with sister at the pool (Only when Justin's submission is high)

--4 More sex ANIMATIONS (could be 3 animations for 1 scene for those who got confused...)

--Justin could now share his feelings with mom at the room...

--New event in the coffee bar at night.

--Now supports window mode




Sunday, May 22, 2016


Well, I've figured that people are waiting for content, yet, I progress slowly, mostly because I live life, anyhow, not to make you feel so bad about entering again to the blog for nothing, I'll post some pics from the progress here and there...

So here are a few pics that will hint about next build's events:

Note that those are just the scenes I've already made and there are more to come in this build :)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Long Vacation's current state and future content.

Well, I'd really want to know your opinion about the current state of content and future content, and also what you think / prefer / feels missing and should be in the game.

I'd want to know if you are interested at all in each of the following topics, what you think about them and what you suggest that should be implemented to them.

You don't have to read them all, and could just comment to those who interest you the most.

--Overall gameplay and misc content:

I think that more "Misc content" should be implemented to the game, when I say "Misc Content" I mean, more content which has nothing to do with sexual scenes or any of their relatives. In other words, things like the slot machine, the stealing minigames, the small easter egg in one of the balconies, the "Find the key, find it's hole then get another key" and stuff like that. Things which do not relate to purely porn, and make the game feel more "Gamie"
Maybe more places to discover, conversations and events to encounter, items to use, things to do in order to get other things and so on.

--A main plot?

Well, theres no main plot in the game, and was never planned to be. The current main goal is to encounter as many sex scenes and cum inside as many females as you possibly can.
Yet, should a main plot be implemented? Maybe a secret murderer which is one of the npc's in the hotel? A stolen diamond? A hidden treasure? Something to spice the game and give the characters more personality. Because in the current state there's little; not enough in my opinion.

--More incest?

I'm not sure if the game should have another family in the hotel, it'll add more variety in to the npc's  and more people to engage with, but I'm not sure if that's missing or in a high priority.

--Dads? / More male characters?

For now, not a single dad has appeared in the game, should one or more appear? And who?
Same for the rest of the male characters.

--Tribal standalone game

I once thought about adding a standalone game (Mostly because of the current one's high weight in bytes) which lets the player play on that tribal leader in this island, and plan / conspire over the Long Vacations Npc's with the goal of kidnapping them and adding them to his tribe, more of a small sort of simulation where the player uses a map to find the other npcs, trains his "Agents" to be better at kidnapping and espionage and send them to missions with the risk of loosing them, Not a point and click game tho'.
Still, not sure if I should start developing it... Maybe it'll lower the value of "The Long Vacation" and the sentimental bond between the player and the characters.


The mother is one of the most important characters in the game, yet, I feel like I kind of spoiled her and got her to the sexual scenes in a rush. I really think I should remove / delay / get her sex scenes much harder to reach. I'm still not sure how and what should be implemented to fill those spaces, I had a few ideas but didn't feel like they were as perfect.
Her priority is very high currently.
Would be glad to hear any suggestions;
Remember, the approach to her should be very slow!

--Add more of Etta's content:

Etta's purpose on the island and hotel is secret, she lives her semi-secret life and shows very little, I have something for her in mind but wanted to know if anyone has anything to add to her. And if anyone is really interested in her part of the game.

--Chuck's mom?

I never found Chuck's mom to be an interesting character, mostly because I've never developed any content for her, would really want to know if anyone is interested in seeing more content of her and / or has something in mind for her personality / interaction with the player. I wouldn't add her until I have something interesting in mind for her.

--Sexual Poses?
I'd want to know if you think some sexual poses are missing from the game, and would do my best to add those. The aim is to add more new poses in each new sexual scene.

--Technical Issues:
I've recently increased the resolution of the pics in the build, that caused the game to jump from 900mb to 1.9gigs. Should that be reversed? Did the more resolution really mattered for you?

Also, about those crashes, send me crash logs / error logs / any reports of what the hell is happening to your computer via mail:

Many thanks for reading this post, use this topic to post your comments, I read each and every comment in this blog so your comment wouldn't be missed, even if its 5 pages long.
It's just a fun thing to do ^^

Fun pics of content I decided shouldn't be implemented:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Long Vacation - 8TH Build!

The Long Vacation - 8TH Build!

New things:

--Might have fixed the memory issues...


--Added more locations for Etta to hangout at.

--Now popups will appear whenever the player has aquired a new item.

--Sister's night scene on the beach...

--Justin can break in to rooms (Only Irena's room for now).

--Increased the game's pic's resolution, Most of the game should look much better.
[Hint - revisit Irena's scene at the beach]

--2 Sex scenes with a new npc.
[Hint- Visit twice]