Thursday, April 28, 2016

Combat System Prototype

Hello, I developed a small combat system prototype today...
Made it so it could be fit for multiple games (With different UI & content ofcoruse).

I'm posting it right now for you to test out, if you feel like it.
Its mostly planned for the post apocalyptic game / goblin game but might be used in The Long Vacation.

I'd really wanna know more about what people think of it.


How the game works,

Each player in his turn could either spawn a unit from his hand (Up to 5 units on the board) or reinforce his hand instead, (Up to 5 units in the hand).

Units would be able to attack from the following turn after their spawn turn.

To attack a unit with a unit, select the unit and then the other unit.

To spawn a unit, simply press on it while it exists in your hand (Lower panel).

The health of the unit is set in the bottom part of their card, with a small bar aswell.
The DMG it could inflict is the green large number right next to the health bar.

Some units have special abilities which execute on spawn or death.

I've made a small collection of mock units which would be shuffled randomly to the player and bot's hand.

Special units:

Goblin Spell Caster executes an AOE of 1 dmg on spawn.
Goblin Witch executes an AOE of 1 dmg upon death.
Goblin Veteran can attack when spawned.
Goblin Warrior attacks a unit randomly on spawn but lets the player spawn another unit aswell, in the same turn.

The elves have better stats but no special abilities.

The loosing player is the one with no cards on the board, hand and deck, (Deck count is currently 15)

I'd love to hear any opinion on this prototype.
I'd love to hear suggestions as well if there are any.

And thank you reading so far. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

7th Build!

7th Build

New Features:

--Misc Fixes & Adjustments

--Chuck's sister will now re-appear in the beach if the player has missed the night event.
(But only if he has sleeping pills in his inventory).

--Added more content (An event) to "What happens after the tribal quest" with Chuck's sister. (Only the good path tho', the 'evil' one is in progress).

--Added 3 more animations (Sequences, not scenes)

--Added more things to do at night... Could now peek at others rooms to see random events every night..

--Added an event which occurs at the beach (Night).

**Psst... Try to figure out who lives in the 3rd room, someone does...



Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Long Vacation - 6th Build!

6TH Build!

New things:

--Tribal Quest could now be done, it is quite complicated to accomplish so I'll reply with "what to do" for those who are having trouble.

--3 new sex animations

WARNING be wary of your actions, some "missed" events could cause a loss of an expensive item, a bad choice could cause a loss of a character.

--Stuck at night with sister bug - fixed.

--Can now ask Chuck to stop flirting with your mom, possible after finishing his quest.

--Can now play the slots machine at the coffee bar. (An additional way to earn money)

--Can now go to the coffee bar while chuck and mom are at the jacuzzi.

--Added an alternative way to play the sneak minigames for those who have problems.

--Can now hide the options / description panels when moving the mouse to the top right side of the
screen or the bottom right.

--Mom will not hate Justin while flirting with Chuck...

--Misc fixes & adjustments



Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Long Vacation - 5th BUILD

5th Build

New things:

-Misc fixes & adjustments

-Mom's desperate for sex meter has been changed to "Interest in Justin"

-Mom now has an "Interest in Chuck" parameter.

-Chuck will now attempt to hit on your mom \ hang out with her  in the pool and the beach...
(Will start happening arbitrarily after you have brought him the liquor for his quest)
[Their relationship will progress onward after 10 interest]

-Added 3 animated sex scenes.

-Roaming the hotel at night is now possible.

**Post a comment if you find yourself stuck somewhere or notice any bugs.
Many thanks!


What's next?

Well, I've been stuck in an intersection for the last month \ months.

Couldn't be sure which game I should create \ continue on for many different reasons, anyhow what I have in mind for now is either

continue The Long Vacation,

continue the post apocalyptic game I've made before,

create a new game (which I already have made some content for ) which is a strategy game about a goblin tribe [Something like a mix between "Crusader Kings " types of games and with sexual animated scenes]

,create a new adventure game involving incest exactly like the long vacation but in a snowy landscape with new characters...

,create a game which focuses on bestiality.

For now, I've continued the long vacation with some more content and will release a new build today.
Would love to read your thoughts, I have ready each and every comment in the blog and the forums the game has been posted on, so don't feel like it's for nothing.

Many thanks!

A few pics to intrigue your mind alittle: