Saturday, March 19, 2016

A game I've made and abandoned before this one.

I've developed a different game with the same graphical concept but with different mechanics / story and abandoned it for different reasons, mostly technical reasons. Anyhow, it still has content in it that might interest you.



In details:

The game is set in a post apocalyptic universe, you play as Justin
 (Yep, same character [probably happens after a holocaust in 'The Long Vacation' xD {Unintentional}]

The main goal in the game is to reproduce as much as possible.

It has a more generic system for relationships and provides different scenes which depend on it.

The player can have (and should have) a "Guardian" someone who takes care of him / accompanies him in the wasteland.

For now theres only 1 female, (Etta) which already has plenty of scenes.

Money could be earned by gathering scraps and selling them to the vendor at the town.

Other npc's could be found on the map by scouting an area or paying for information at the inn.

Etta has a secret scene at night if she has alot of interest in another npc which is not the player. ;)

Anyhow, that's it for now.

Different case:

I thought about making a different game (Other than the long vacation) but with the same graphical concept (3d cg's with animation).
A more strategic game about a trible of goblins which raids and kidnaps elven \ other fantasy - related race's villages \ towns.
With a larger focus on strategy \ management.

It'll be nice to know what people think about this idea, because it has alot of things it could expand towards, and carries a lot of place for previous suggestions which I saw suggested for 'The Long Vacation' but couldn't be implemented concept wisely.

I could also solve many flaws which I ignored in 'The long vacation' and were suggested \ reported by players. (Technically much more possible with an improved system)

Friday, March 18, 2016

4th Build!

4th build!


I really wish I could implement more, didn't have the time unfortunately...


-Fixed a few minor bugs...

-Added more sister related evening scenes. (Now splitted into a lot of dominance or a lot of submission )

-Added 2 items.

-Added another NPC (Irena)

-Added another location (Coffeebar Backroom)

**The new build now includes 7 new sex scenes.

Have fun.
Feel free to post your review on the new build.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More about the updates...

Well, my current schedule of development is having around 0-3 hours a day  (except for weekends which are none) for this project.
The last time I sat to  continue it I found myself stuck, looked for a good idea which sounds appealing enough to implement but couldn't find any, after a while I worked about minor things and left it that way, anyhow, I'm in a need of good ideas to add to the game, any suggestions, as complex and bizarre as they would be, are welcome, even new gameplay mechanics. (as features not conversions)
In other words, ideas might speed up the development, that's what I'm saying.

Thank you for visiting my blog...

Friday, March 11, 2016

Third Build!

This is the third build of The Long Vacation.


In this build:

-I've added a 'No Dialog Delays' option at the main menu.

-Mom has been added to the stats menu ('E'), with a 'Desperate for sex' value.
This value will increase by 1 every day, she will become more desperate for sex and more events will be unlocked based on that var's value.

-Mom can now be found at the beach, and Justin can now bury her in the sand (There are two events, while she is on her back and while she is on her front, only one of them will execute every time.

-The mom & Justin jacuzzi event can now lead to sex, it depends on Mom's desperation value.

--The sex scene contains 4 animated sequences.

Future content:

--Slot machine for extra money

--More Chuck interactions with girls

--Finish the sister at night events

--Interaction with the tribal man

--More locations in the hotel

--Help the tribal man kidnap \ enslave girls from the island for his leader.

--Implement more suggestions?

Monday, March 7, 2016

About the updates

Small update about me, even tho' I really want to improve the game daily, and in a very motivated state mostly because of the feedback on it, I still have some small issues which take chunks of my time, like moving to a new apartment this week, finishing to work at late hours and so on.
So I guess it'll advance slowly, atleast for this week and probably the next week aswell.
But have no worries, I've created the ingame systems in an initial goal to make it easily scalable, the major systems are already implemented, so all I have to add now is more and more content, which is, as I said, now quite easy.

Anyhow, I thank you for visiting my blog, reading my posts and spending time on my game.
And feel free to suggest or post whatever comes in mind. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Second Build!

Hello there, this is what I've included in this small update:

--New Location ( Beach )
  Only 'Chuck's Sister' and a 'Tribal Man' could be found there.
--New Item ( Dictionary )
   Useless at this moment, but planned to be useful in the future updates...

--Fixed the "Cannot leave the cellphone screen" bug.

--Fixed the "PassTime" bug at the pool dispute dialog between Justin and his sister.



Unfortunately I don't have a lot of  time to think on scenarios or game mechanics, suggesting any ideas that pop to your head would help me alot, so , in other words, I'd love to know what you would love to see in the game. :)

First Build!

"The Long Vacation" is an adult Semi-RPG \ Adventure game developed with Unity3D.

The game is in progress and far from completion.
yet, contains a lot of content.

Contains: Incest, 3D pornography ; animation / CG .

Justin goes to a vacation with his sister and his mother in a tropical island, far away from home.
The goal is to reach all of the sexual scenes in the game.
I don't have a better goal in mind for now...

Some of the sex scenes are animated, the rest are pictures. 


How to play:

--Press 'E' to open the inventory / relations window.
  For now only the sister has relations parameters since she is the only one these are relevant for.

--Press 'Escape' to open the main menu.

--There are 4 daily phases, morning, noon, after noon and evening / night.
At every phase npcs will randomly go to any of the 4 locations (There will be more).
You can pass time at each location to get the npcs at other places again. Some npcs are
required to be  in specific locations for specific events...

Night time will have different events which depend on the npc's relations with Justin.


Please forgive me for the grammar mistakes if you find any.
Tell me if you encounter bugs, it'll help me alot!
And reply if you get stuck somehow,
or don't know how to reach a certain scene so I'll know that a walk-trough is required.