Saturday, April 16, 2016

What's next?

Well, I've been stuck in an intersection for the last month \ months.

Couldn't be sure which game I should create \ continue on for many different reasons, anyhow what I have in mind for now is either

continue The Long Vacation,

continue the post apocalyptic game I've made before,

create a new game (which I already have made some content for ) which is a strategy game about a goblin tribe [Something like a mix between "Crusader Kings " types of games and with sexual animated scenes]

,create a new adventure game involving incest exactly like the long vacation but in a snowy landscape with new characters...

,create a game which focuses on bestiality.

For now, I've continued the long vacation with some more content and will release a new build today.
Would love to read your thoughts, I have ready each and every comment in the blog and the forums the game has been posted on, so don't feel like it's for nothing.

Many thanks!

A few pics to intrigue your mind alittle:


  1. Seems like you need focus. Honestly though, how do you pump out content so fast? Do you just copy paste 3D models from somewhere and change them a bit? I am pretty sure the backgrounds in long vacation are from klub17 but like what do you use? Daz?

    Anyway. I think what you should do, is find a way to combine all these ideas into one large project that way you aren't split.

    Right off the bat I have an idea. I say stick with long vacation as the base game, then insert the fantasy goblin game in as a secondary dream experience. While either getting rid of the snow setting or allowing the family to travel from the beach to the mountains. After all it is a LONG vacation.

    You could fit bestiality into the game through the ooga booga tribe and their "rituals" that require human females to breed with their dogs or horses or whatever on the island for whatever ooga booga reason. You could also have the ooga booga tribe give justin a dog to "train" and have an event system and items to use to further dog events.
    This way you can have the island kidnapping be the "rape" route for bestiality and the pet "training" be the semi consensual/corruption route.

    About the goblin dream deal. If you played urban x Life, or any persona game. There are two different stages for the day. The visual novel and the RPG part. I would say do this with the goblin story. Perhaps have the goblin story be something justin dreams about, and the further he goes with the goblin story the better he is at seduction? Something like that. Or maybe he can only obtain items through doing the goblin dream sequence; those items are then required to unlock events in the real world.

    As for the post apocalyptic deal. Eh, personally I find it too boring of a setting. Too empty and bland. Your games are about point and click. I would rather have kinky taboo atmosphere rather than post apocalyptic. Think about it. When the world goes to shit, people can fuck a cactus and it won't be weird. Just saying, going end of the world route takes all the kink factor away, since every thing goes. It really isn't hot if you have incest or bestiality. I mean the scene may be hot but it isn't fulfilling I guess i could say.

    1. I find reason in what you say.
      About the point and click, I could really make whatever I want, a more complex game wouldnt make a difference, I just find the adventure point & click quest method much easier to work with in terms of adding new H-Scenes quickly. about the long vacation, I feel like it has been rushed too much around the mom character, I wish I could redo it with a little more depth... Maybe I could implement more in-between content... but what?

    2. Yeah I think focus will help you produce in a way of quality and quantity that many projects at once might make really hard without long pauses. I agree with Test, that you work really fast but it will be hard to make big progress with too much happening at once.

      I love talking ideas, so being a part of that conversation would be fun but, I think it will be important to choose something you like working with first.

      Like it seems incest and bestiality are nice for you (I think so too... :3) but do you want to develop a story for characters and maybe keep it tight and over reoccurring characters or is it just more about the scenes and less about who and what.

      Also in terms of what you want to show inside of those groups, like a loving relationship, NTR, purity corruption, mind breaking, whatever - some things would be easier given certain environments. I like having a bit of story, so I wouldn't mind seeing a redo of the long vacation, but like on your other post I did think you had a lot of great opportunities for the goblin crusader king idea (wrote 9 posts on that lol).

      Excited to try out the update, glad to see you update :)

    3. That's the point, I think aswell that I could implement a plot, and more depth to each character. That's what fits this type of game anyhow, but the problem is that some of the characters got "spoiled" for some of the people... I'm not sure if adding content to the current game would do to make players look at characters from a different point of view.

  2. Small comment on propositions :D :

    continue The Long Vacation,
    i like this game and I would be happy to see more content for this game, this would not be a disappointment.

    continue the post apocalyptic game I've made before,
    This game was fun, I liked the opportunity for the dog - and some of here "meaty" swinging action was pretty sexy, but I feel you better have an "end" idea of this one because the story feels like there should be a goal. Like, with the vacation one it is "do things until vacation is over!" which is easy and it feels okay just to wander around and get h scenes, but with this idea I feel you need to have a goal.. To me it almost demands more care about the game's mechanics and story beyond just "h-scenes". I would make some other comments on how relationship works in that game if you want to continue this path though.

    create a new game (which I already have made some content for ) which is a strategy game about a goblin tribe [Something like a mix between "Crusader Kings " types of games and with sexual animated scenes]

    I wrote a lot about this, I don't think I was too far away from your example "crusader kings", but as you know I think you could introduce a lot of naughty kinky stuff which I'm all for. But I also thought this could be a really large project because it has opportunity for /many/ characters and areas vs something like The Long Vacation which you could tighten up a lot more. That isn't a bad thing but if you wanted something more bite size.. dunno it sounds like a big bite lol.

    ,create a new adventure game involving incest exactly like the long vacation but in a snowy landscape with new characters...

    Hmm, I think I want to hear more about the idea before I say too much besides. I like the H-scene premise so I'm not against it, but I want to know if there is something special to this idea. Like, is the snow the idea to keep it located in a small region (like long vacation uses a hotel/vacation/no car as a way to localize things) or did you want to play with snow/cold elements. Cold nipples, and other "cold" specific kinks?

    ,create a game which focuses on bestiality.
    Fantasy beasts or like dogs? I think if you do more real-referenced things you might have to make the main character a girl, or like a slave-trainer kind of thing.. It could be really interesting to play from an animal's perspective because I don't think I've seen that yet, but it will add challenge in the way that you will be stuck to one animal only.

    I love your genre focus, and I would really like to continue commenting with you but I think it would be nice to see you work on your favorite idea so we can encourage you with your passionate project.

    My personal preference I like the incest work you've done and would love to see detailed path of corruption and total kinkiness (a detailed and in depth domination side), I don't really care for NTR but it doesn't really bother me either. Would love to see some more of your animal works though, if you dont want to throw all the ideas into one game maybe could bounce between two favorite projects but I would really caution anything more (but ofc do what you want :D lol).

    I think you have the opportunity to make a lot of fun "training", different types and circumstance of scenes, and game story with the goblin idea - but I think it will be harder to keep things story and personal. It wouldn't be impossible but it would require more work I think. If you introduce a character, just throwing them away 10 minutes later might be upsetting but as you add more characters this means more work for you.

    I think that is where The Long Vacation / Post Apocalypse ideas shine, wouldn't be so hard to focus on a specific set of people.

    Hope to see you again, happy to respond / suggest idea / try to make a point clearer if you want. Happy game making~!

    1. Thanks, I worked alittle bit on the goblin game and it seems quite... dry, lacks per-character depth and is more focused on the macro, so I left it there for a while to continue the long vacation..

    2. Part 1

      Yeah I think per character depth will be very hard. I think maybe you could really work hard to make it have it.

      Like mostly what I talked about before with the Goblin one, you can totally have back story to characters, you can have them have personality, but it seems to me it will be mostly their personalty as you break them. So you will have to flavor the interacting text.

      Like suggested before, you lose your army to a raid and your base is destroyed and you have to rebuild - perhaps to explain why other tribes dont cross breed to grow strong you could say the leader found some special gem/magic or w.e. So now you hunt down breeders for the army.

      A lot of text could go into that, the finding of women, and how the interact with you as you try to train them. Really tough women having different dialog, perhaps some are so strong you have to convince them to join you but you can slowly corrupt them into be trained (once you they start a "mutual" relationship) but they start out better than you, maybe even using you. But this really puts in you in the position of writing this specific style of dialog (you better love breaking people lol). It has a lot of opportunity for different visuals (so many sexual scenes, and a lot of unique kinky scenes), and you can totally give characters personalities... but it will be a lot more "thought" work I think.

      "this one is a blacksmith, and i'll let the player train her slowly to gain her skills for their army or if they go too fast they can break her quickly into a breeder"

      "Here is the dialog as you interact with her over the days, trying to carefully break her into giving up what she knew to joining your cause and helping you, she would die for you with you having to drug or magic her"

      "Here is the dialog if you just went balls deep, and rushed it, she becomes sexually, magically, and or drug addicted and while the front of her mind is willing sometimes the part that wants to escape reveals itself in dialog or her features to your tribe is less because of it, she is willingly but only partially so"

      Some characters maybe can't be broken and must be taken slowly, some you can't capture and must be taken like a political game (but after you get their guard down then you can capture them, like I said maybe one is too powerful for a simple abduction).

      I think you "can" come up with unique dialog and characters. But it is going to be more work. You have to want to do the idea, you know? I mean.. I could come up with characters and ideas, but I think you might have less fun - or maybe think my ideas are stupid lol.

      With your Long Vacation, Winter Cabin, and other games ideas, I think story would be a lot easier to develop because it isn't naturally focused macro. As you said, goblin game has a very natural macro focus - to add micro detail will take more work I think. But you do get the benefit with macro being whatever female / male / animal / kinky scene you want. Want a Minotaur spit roasting the milk maid, done! Want goblins banging a night elf, done! Any sort of slave piercing/tattoo (nipple piercing), done!

    3. Part 2

      Like a random character interaction story could be, a queen has a really heavily defended castle - no way you can take it, so you start with covert spy missions learning about her activities and the state of her kingdom, you can take a path that spread rumors and disorder, break supply chains, you can see little character developments (if you want to really story it up you could just show self monologues of her woes), you spread some lies about a person who can help and she hears about it so she meets up with that person (that you own), and you start to have conversations with her, if you want you could turn this into a game within the game where you try to corrupt her from the seat of power (like some sort of mini-princess trainer), otherwise you could give like two choices, one you try to kidnap her but you have to fight your way out and it could be very costly (or fail) or two you continue to gain her trust (taking more time, perhaps resources too) then you somehow convince her to leave the palace unguarded and take her, you capture her finally if there wasn't a pre-corruption option you then begin the dialog process and many many h-scenes to convert her into one of your tribe's resources.

      You can't break such an important person instantly, so you have to develop your time with her (visiting your dungeon, and for some characters puzzling out what will crack them in the way you want (could make a special character here or there crack differently depending on actions, like a bestiality addict gives a different base bonus / army talent than say an incest slave)). All the while during development this would be opportunity for evolving scenes (and a lot of dialog possibilities).

      Let's say you make the Queen a special character, you can convince her to help you without corrupting her and you sort of have a puppet state, access to unique bonuses, a large number of normal non-story breeders, and develop this mutual relationship with the queen.. could turn it into a romance. Other side is you fully corrupt her, and make special royal bloodline soldiers from her that have bonus stats. Perhaps option to trade her later to a demon who will give you bonus stats, but she doesn't want to go so you have to break her (ruining her quality for you) - but if you keep her there could be another bonus. This stuff has a lot of chance for branching opportunities.

      Anyway. I don't want you to be discouraged from the idea if you were still thinking about the goblin stuff. I think there is a lot of unique ideas that can be done easily with this premise, but.. I totally understand your thought. I think developing another Long Vacation like game might be faster, and would fit point and click adventure easier. Goblin Crusader game totally can be point and click but it might need better than normal menus and stuff.

    4. I really like reading your stuff, many of the features you presented are reasonable \ not as hard \ time consuming to create, yet the game itself is quite big, maybe if I had one or more co-developers [mostly graphical content labor] it would have been more possible. I have no problem teaching people how to create the graphical content like I do if anyone is interested. It is much easier than it seems...

    5. I might have found a way to create the backstory you need for the goblins for your goblin game if you wish to continue it.

      Ever heard about Dwarf Fortress? Well every character has his own created backstory, so maybe you can just copy paste it as a backstory for a particular goblin (or if you find out how they make this backstory maybe do the same thing so you don't have to do every character). For the personality, I don't think DF shows that aswell, it might but again I'm not sure.

    6. :D I'm glad you don't mind reading it! Learning how to create the art work could be really cool, is there any software you need to buy? Could be an interesting skill/knowledge to pick up. Get to make.. fun stuff out of it too.. hehe.

    7. Oh yeah, an email that can work as contact: