Friday, March 11, 2016

Third Build!

This is the third build of The Long Vacation.


In this build:

-I've added a 'No Dialog Delays' option at the main menu.

-Mom has been added to the stats menu ('E'), with a 'Desperate for sex' value.
This value will increase by 1 every day, she will become more desperate for sex and more events will be unlocked based on that var's value.

-Mom can now be found at the beach, and Justin can now bury her in the sand (There are two events, while she is on her back and while she is on her front, only one of them will execute every time.

-The mom & Justin jacuzzi event can now lead to sex, it depends on Mom's desperation value.

--The sex scene contains 4 animated sequences.

Future content:

--Slot machine for extra money

--More Chuck interactions with girls

--Finish the sister at night events

--Interaction with the tribal man

--More locations in the hotel

--Help the tribal man kidnap \ enslave girls from the island for his leader.

--Implement more suggestions?


  1. Thanks for the update! Well, I like milfs... So, what do you think about milf sisters? First a strict one and the other a little naughty looking for a boy to fulfill your forbidden desires... Well, nice game!

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  3. Alright, after putting 2 hours in on this game here are my suggestions
    First off, you need a proof reader. The English isn't awful but it could be better. If you want one for free, I will do it.
    Second, I think that you should be able to masturbate in the room, and possibly get caught.
    Lastly, I suggest a gloryhole in the bathroom, for when your sister goes in there after the massage at the pool.
    I really like this game, none of this is meant to sound harsh. I believe this game is going places as long as you keep going at it.

  4. Really cool stuff! Thanks for making the game.
    I'd like to see the main protagonist banging chuck's sister in her fat ass ;)

  5. Gotta say, I've found your game yesterday and I loved! I'm working as a writter in another game with similar content called Urban X Life, give a try if you never played, I'm sure you'll like.
    I have a few suggestions, on the beach, when you bury her in sand shile she's on her front you can fuck her tits, and instead of fight the boner when you look at Mom's ass you can try to fuck her

    1. *When you bury Mom in sand while she's on her front*

  6. How about you create to patreon page? I'd love to support your project. The game is amazing, can't wait for more content :)

    1. I've got a good job and get paid very well, so I don't need the money. Making a patreon page will probably be an option if I plan to leave the job, focus 100% on the game and get funded by it. But maybe... Thank you anyways

    2. Yeah since alot of creators are doing this, but if you want to like expand updates-lets say one big per month,you could create some aditional money :) But a free game is also always good :),

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