Sunday, March 6, 2016


Unfortunately I don't have a lot of  time to think on scenarios or game mechanics, suggesting any ideas that pop to your head would help me alot, so , in other words, I'd love to know what you would love to see in the game. :)


  1. A couple of suggestions:

    + Mom/Sister/Whoever looses her biquini in the sea. You buy one and blackmail it for sexual favours!

    + Mom/Sister/Whoever sleeps on the beach. You/Someone cover her in sand, stucking her in place. You proceed to abuse this situation (or save her and winning some "favours").

    + Mom/Sister/Whoever is drowning in the sea. You proceed to rescue her by doing a mouth to mouth ressuscitation and after that you go check out on her at the infirmary and end up winning some "favours".

    + More scenes with your mother and sister when you are in bed! Also, I'd like to see a more complete development of the jacuzzi scene.

    + A glory-hole scene in the bathroom with one of the women!

    + A scene with Chuck's mother where you blackmail her with the video of her son/daughter fucking, into sexual favours (bj maybe).

    + You convince your sister into have a threesome with Chuck's sister, so she proceed to invite her with her cellphone to you room and you know the rest ;)

    + You record some sex scene with you mother and then blackmail her into have sex with Chuck's mother and you (threesome again!). You convince Chucks's mother by blackmailing her with their children vid or simply convice her into doing it.

    PS: nobody drinks coffee on a tropical island (xD)

  2. I'd suggest adding an option to speed up events that you have to do repetitively to raise interest / domination.

  3. Also, you used "looser" where you should have used "loser" several times in the dialog.

  4. Also, you used "looser" where you should have used "loser" several times in the dialog.

  5. Maybe a few scenes with chucks mum,sister or Justins mum,sister with the tribal man

  6. the possibility to invite chuck to a threesome with your mom, sister and his mom and his sister and have him do all the girls an post it on the web like he did with his sister

  7. Thought the game was pretty fun, but have to say you should really redo the skin on the mom. It looks like gross wrinkly paper. Maybe give her the same texture as the sister and MC?

    Other suggestions-

    Use the movie of Chuck and his sister to instigate a scene with MC and sister.

    Also like the idea of starting a sexual event in bed with sister/mom while the other one is sleeping.

    Maybe follow the mom to where she goes at night and finding her doing something that you can blackmail her with, or instigate some public and/or outdoor sexual scene with her.

    Have the tribal man or another character sell some sex drugs or the like that you can use on sister or mom, like put in mom's coffee when she is drinking it at the coffee bar, etc.

  8. 1. Can you add option for a 3some with chuck and mom?
    2. Add option of giving sleeping pill to mom and strip her naked on the beach and let the tribal warriors have turns at her?
    3. An option for justin to catch mom in the hotel room with 3 or more men?
    4. An option where and mom are on the beach at night and they are attacked by several tribesman and justin is forced to watch?