Sunday, March 6, 2016

Second Build!

Hello there, this is what I've included in this small update:

--New Location ( Beach )
  Only 'Chuck's Sister' and a 'Tribal Man' could be found there.
--New Item ( Dictionary )
   Useless at this moment, but planned to be useful in the future updates...

--Fixed the "Cannot leave the cellphone screen" bug.

--Fixed the "PassTime" bug at the pool dispute dialog between Justin and his sister.



  1. For starters, I want to say that I enjoyed what you have so far. You've got the start of something that can be really special. The story seems sound, and it's obvious that you've put a LOT of time and love into this project already.

    Some constructive criticism:
    -You might want to go back and smooth the skin textures a bit. They come off as a bit rough at times, and in a couple of cases, they look pretty bad.
    -The animations, while fun, tend to become disjointed and jerky at higher speeds.
    -Random events are the spice of life. I've learned through my own projects that having events that are random, or that can play out several different ways depending on your character's stats, can breathe a LOT of life into any project. Seeing a random person (Male or female) sun bathing at the pool when nothing else is going on, a couple playing in the pool, or other similar things, in addition to the current scene with no one but the protagonist, would make the world appear a lot more random and involved even if these new scenes didn't offer anything that changes the trajectory of the game.

    You expressed before that you were open to suggestions for further content, so I'll share a couple of ideas. Feel free to take or leave them as you see fit:
    -I'd like to see the option to feel your sister up a little during the night. Your mother too.
    -Your friend comes off as if he has a little money, maybe if you can build your relationship enough with your sister, you can take pictures of her, then he can give you $$ for pictures you send to him. Additionally, this can become a two way street with him offering to trade pictures of your sister for pictures of his sister.
    -A chance to have a sleep over with your friend, with the potential to fool around with his sister, blackmail her with the sex video of her with her brother, and/or a potential threesome if you play your cards right.
    -Option to take a walk on the beach/forest. Additionally, you could go for a walk in these places with your mother, sister, or anyone else you are able to romance/seduce during the game.
    -A secluded waterfall that you can find, this could open the possibility of skinny dipping if you have a girl along who does not have a swimming suit.
    -The ability to share your sister with your friend if you want and your relationship is high enough with your sister.

    That's all off the top of my head. If you're interested, I'll toss a few more ideas up some time and see what sticks. ;)

    This is a great little project with a lot of potential. I'll be watching it eagerly for progress reports and updates. Keep up the good work!

  2. If you could you should add changes in the Sister's diary upon achieving certain milestones in either affection, dominance, or unlocking scenes like when she is pleasuring her self in the wash room stall.

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