Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More about the updates...

Well, my current schedule of development is having around 0-3 hours a day  (except for weekends which are none) for this project.
The last time I sat to  continue it I found myself stuck, looked for a good idea which sounds appealing enough to implement but couldn't find any, after a while I worked about minor things and left it that way, anyhow, I'm in a need of good ideas to add to the game, any suggestions, as complex and bizarre as they would be, are welcome, even new gameplay mechanics. (as features not conversions)
In other words, ideas might speed up the development, that's what I'm saying.

Thank you for visiting my blog...


  1. u could add more content for chuck's family , what about blackmail or something like that. i would also love blackmail for justin's mom and sis ^^

  2. Hi,Sorry for the third post on forum already but incest games are awesome :).. Hmm so the romantic/dominate approach is really good, it gives you a choice what you want to be to them. I'd suggest a similar sistem to mom, maybe add another location with different events for both of them. Maybe a breastfeeding or something scene with mom, since he always admires her breasts. Maybe more good/evil choices, which influence liking or dominance.

    Also more events with Chuck's Sister now that you find out she was filmed in a porn movie.

  3. Maybe a breastfeeding event at the nighttime with the mom where she is sleeping or awake. You could do it so Justin tucks himself in to the moms blanket by an event much like how you steal money etc. and when he is under the blanket with the mom he can do his thing in some scenes. It should be really tender. Also the mothers skin texture needs some working on ^_^

  4. Ok bullet points.

    -Chucks mom: Rape is the option for aggressive route and would allow for chuck to DP her with you. The aggressive route could be just straight up rape, or add cucking elements for chucks dad or chuck himself.
    *Side note: The DP with chuck shouldn't be accessible unless you have conquered the sister.

    -Chucks sister: I assume you plan on her being the first "kidnap" person for the oogabooga black guy. But another option should be that you can progress past the sex video part of the story and plan with chuck to gangbang his sister while super dunk/drugged. You could just make one version violent and one non violent or not bother with path branching at all.

    -Mom: Allow for rape/violent approach, get rid of passive gain to sex drive, require more teasing and touching to increase her sex drive (add more teasing scenes like beach). Do something about following her at night or something. Perhaps have her night escapades lead to a threesome with chucks mom, after you tell chucks mom to hang out with your mom. Find a way to insert sister mom threesome, perhaps once you have banged them both and you have high enough like you can bang them in the morning. If you have enough hate/dominance you can rape them in the morning.

    Sister: Expand the diary system. Expand her phone.
    The diary should be about how she is so "bleh" about the whole situation but then gets more and more horny. Eventually she starts leaving nude selfies on her phone on purpose for you to find. Have events only unlock after reaching a certain number with her AND needing to view her diary/phone to advance.

    General suggestions:
    - FIRST AND FOREMOST. Make teasing mini games that use the same mechanic as your night time "stealing" activities. It is a bit silly how you go from normal family to incest fiend after passive dialog. Sex shouldn't be possible without touching and teasing first, making it at least semi interactive and increasing the build up. Perfect example, make the Jacuzzi scene require the mini game, personally I hate the mini game because it takes away from the animation. But a simpler one where you just need to press a button at the right time or something would be nice for the sex/tease mini games. If not its no big deal. Just add some interaction.

    -Add background NPC's they don't need dialog, just a couple stills, just copy paste them around.

    -Allow for scenes like the pool rape thing to happen fully, and have some shocked on lookers maybe?

    -Have scenes where other characters can randomly find you or seek you out and get horny or even join in.

    -Focus more on adding more stills instead of what I assume is time consuming animation.

    -Add more item requirements for more scenes, reusing items is fine, just change up when they need to be used to unlock more events.

    -When you check out your mom or sister at night/morning, add a chance for them to notice and get horny (add affection) or activate a scene if affection requirements are met.

    -The whoring the girls out to the oogabooga guy sort of makes the game feel less interesting, the point of sex games is for the player to feel like the center of attention...cucking yourself for money is kind of dumb.

    Granted if you make the "kidnap" women thing for money only relevant to say no named NPC's sure. I am down with that. But handing over your mom or sis to oogabooga man seems stupid and honestly feels like you are cucking yourself. They are yours not theirs...this is incest game not pimp sim. Please don't make it a pimp sim.

  5. Keep going! :D I liked what you had so far.

    I think maybe if you want specific suggestions you give us more specifics, otherwise I can just spout random things when they come to me.. lol Anyway some thoughts:

    -Finish changing the mom's skin to the smoother one, her wrinkly one is crazy scary

    -I'd like to see the sister's diary update

    -add stats to your mom, like the sister - feel like we should be able to dominate and have her interest us too

    -I like the balancing act with dominace and interest, and perhaps a few more activities to mix it up, like chatting with them, watching a show nuzzled up close, whatever - although I'd like to see a mind break point personally. (doesn't need to be literal, but like you can become so dominate that they might begin to become interested in your games on them - perhaps you can start to tell your sister to walk around the room on all fours, then into the lobby, out into the pool, kiss your friend, and up the game from there)

    -This suggestion may not be your goal, but it seems like you go from 0 to 100 really fast. I'm not suggesting more grinding in the sense of more days of complimenting and that's it. I'm thinking a few inbetween 0 and 100 "events" or at least growing stages (compliment, to sun screen back, to sun screen full body, to "distracted" specific area suncreening, even prank your sister by taking them off in public and if you balance your conversation with her right you can keep her in public bottomless, mess up she runs away). More of getting close to your mom. Start the hot tub thing out playing footsy, if her affection is high enough you can up it to legs and cross right on top of her, but the first route would be to slide over to her side, then touch her leg and she gives you a look but nothing stern, rather than pulling her top off right away perhaps you also lotion your mum, then you lotion with her staps untied (back), and once her affection (dominance or w.e you want) is high enough you can get away with pulling her top off and stuff.

    -I think it could be cool the voodoo guy teachs you some mind break/dominance tricks that get you onto the path of making them your slaves - so until you go far down his story you have to be more concerned about balancing. I'd rather it stay related to the m/d/s and not too much of the outside party though. Although it could be fun to have a scene with him in it.

    Slave training, maybe a third stat appears - the higher they're trained the less dominant stat hurts interest, to the point it helps. Can get to the point with a ball gag, leash, horse tail (optional items from a store, can order your mom to go buy them from a catalog she brings home and "accidentally" leaves once you have enough points on her).

    Can make a second way to play is more like a love relationship (pure/happy love), taking you on a different route. Not my choice but oh well lol.

    Definitely post more and I think people will be happy to respond more to you ;D. You can share your grand vision and people can help build that then.

    1. I agree with the oogabooga guy being like a teacher to help you mind control.

      Im too big on MC it feels fake. But it is better than pimping your sex toys out to him.

      - When it comes to mom and sis having different stats this isn't a bad idea, just harder to do if you plan on giving each girl their own stats.

      However each girl should have a romantic and rape route though.

      - Working on more interactive elements will help I think, A big reason I like UrbanxLife are the touching segments and mini games.

    2. Yea, I was thinking but don't want to push the dev out of their personal vision - was that with MC/or a sort of semi magic alchemy you could start to train them. And the conjunction of the mc/mind drugging would help you train them, then you wouldn't need it int he future because they were trained. Not like you have them in a perpetual MC state.

      I think two routes sounds good, more playthrough and makes it feel a bit like you're actually choosing things even if you only go one route.

      UxL is nice.. :3.

  6. Well I would go further with the sister as she is the first focus:
    - If you are submissive she would give you tasks to get other partners to submit (and kind of make an harem for her)
    - If you are dominant she would help you, giving hint, random amount of money maybe work in the background to bring more partners (she want to please for rewards of course)
    - As said above in the comment you could add the possibility to focus on a relationship and try to avoid being caught

    By the way, it's a great game, so thanks for what you already done

  7. Hey,
    I like the stats for the two characters so far, but perhaps add another significant one to the mom.
    Also all the other comments have pointed out scenes when you have high dominance over the pair. Well why not have some scenes when they have dominance over you. So after a certain minus figure for the sister you become more and more submissive to her through further interaction.
    Ideas that could be fleshed is the pool scene, you can make the sister victory scene longer like you did when the PC decided to win.
    Of course more NPCs like Chuck's sister and mom, I like the idea they all have different stats (If you wanted) that you have to fulfill. I can imagine a power struggle between the PC and chuck's sister at least. With chuck's mom it can be the risk factor of having her husband nearby, so the risk of doing things with her is challenging but rewarding.
    That's all I can think of congrats on a good game so far!

  8. Hi again, just thought more on the stats suggestions. I think maybe if you don't want too many numbers going on at once you could just move it into the dominance section with some special interactions.

    What I mean is like, the higher the dominance stat the lower, no hit, or gain to interest you get. Also could depend on certain actions too.

    So let's say you tease your sister in the pool, and you go to her bent over the pool - she doesn't like you pushing her around and being totally domineering on her, but you do dominate her (one stat up one stat down). This is the current situation, and it makes sense. But let's say you've had some other physical interactions already (using random stat number here) and it's like 50 dominance - now when you push her up against the pool her interest is barely hit and you continue to dominate her. Even further a long, say 80, she becomes even interested. Of course even if the stat becomes large, if you push an event that she's not ready for too hard you can still be punished (so it snowballs, but only slightly - get too greedy and it can backfire a bit).

    I think these shifts in behaviors could be awesome points to change the dialog too (to represent her change in feelings, and your growing dominance over her). These changes could show that she is beginning to accept you as her master (or w.e you want to call it).

    Of course you can use this system the other way too, as you let them show their own emotions through your generous interactions and they use you instead. (I mean that it can become points of dialog change, I think the dialog changing can help make seeing the same image over very helpful - although maybe you have to change their facial emotion).

  9. Well, these are some great suggestions, you guys noted that I was not very specific with what I aim for personally, there are many things that I could point out but to be more 'comment-focused' I would say that I intend to make it still semi-realistic and not full euthopia. For example, brainwashing / super slavery n stuff like that are not apart of this game's concept (Maybe it'll fit in another game I have in mind.) That's why I proceed gently with the dominance thingy, it still feels fake here and there to me but has to be done somehow. I'll try to make it as good as possible, tho'.

    Game-wisely, I think I should put more unique game mechanics to the game, so the players approach will be varied. Examples for unique game mechanics are: Slot machine , lockpicking minigame, stealing minigame, etc...

    The rest of the points I currently have in mind were covered by the suggestions.

    So, I'll update about more later.

    Anyhow, working on another build currently, for now it has
    +7 new animated scenes :) feel free to suggest more things, it's still not too late for it to get implemented in to this build, which will probably released today, maybe in a few hours, or tomorrow with more content.

    1. Awesome! Do you have an idea of "end-game" dominance would look like? Would they become trained (and certain scenes they may like), or would they always hate it and you always have to encourage them not to disown you?

      More suggestions later, but I respect the person who puts in all the work, and want to suggest things that help or are at least close to their vision. Which is why I say I don't want to be always saying things you don't want.

    2. Like hearing that you don't want super slavery:
      It could make sense you can blackmail your sister into getting in the pool and maybe letting chuck motorboat her, and with more dominance you could get her to do even more (and with your blackmail). But she won't like you blackmailing her, however if you've built up a massive amount of dominance (in my mind) I think she shouldn't hate it so much. (And with possible dialog shifts, depending on if she just ---hates--- you for it, but does it only because of blackmail, or if because she is starting to do what you say because you said it)

      Clearly I like mind break/slave train but will try to keep it down a little xD lol. But I want to suggest and keep you with ideas (since you ask), as I'd like to see this continue to develop :D.

    3. Let me ease your mind, the dominance scenes are very spot on and believable. You didn't make them campy or fake looking. Secondly I am so relieve to here you say you want this to feel real not ez MC.

      Lastly to make it feel more real just make more scenes that have females in compromising postions, aka trapping mom is sand and banging her.

      Or pinning sister during toilet masturbation.

      Rape route is easy to make real. ROMANCE IS HARD.

      Now, I have never tried incest, nor do I care to, so I am not sure how easy it is to do. But I firmly believe adding touching/teasing scenes that are hopefully interactive will help build the interest.

      Don't be afraid to go the tried and true way of.
      Bad = ez Good = hard

      Or balance them to fit peoples interest.

      Good= more time and patience. But rewards players who have voyeurism fetish or teasing fetish.

      Bad= rape fetish

      This is a way I see you can expand on the branching path system

    4. Forgive my grammer, I use a micro usb keyboard that I type with using my thumbs.

    5. Since I feel like I probably started some of the MC, I do want to clarify my point if it wasn't understood. I don't want to be like "no no! I hate you, you're such as asshole and I never want to see you again!" 2 seconds later "Get everyone to cum in my eyes, and impregnate me!!"

      In fact I think there could be some scenes or events to represent the stages and add content between the quiet desires and vanilla sis to domination. (also dialog shifts lol). I mean I don't want insane grinding (plz no), but a story to tell of breaking down barriers and getting to that end point of total domination is fun I think. That said.. if Myster wasn't interested in all that in-between eventy stuff (I think this is semi untrue, because we have already some building stuff - but maybe he doesn't want to do too much building events/quests/story and prefers to make the "good stuff" more hehe), I wouldn't cry if it we just got to the cake. (If my choice was small slice of cake and few changes over time, or giant juicy packed cake and few changes over time - I'm going to pick juicy cake!)

      Also Testerson, you say Good = and I think you're thinking of -negative domination (you being dominated) and I'm not sure that is quite the route the game is taking. And domination stat is clearly including rape fetish, so maybe your "good" can be part of the bad path? Because I think there are two paths right now, your sister realizes her fetish on you (which we know she has before the story begins) and you let her do her kinky desires (and there is much emotional "struggle" on her part, more of her exploration and uninterrupted love of you), or you do you force your desires onto her and train her to love her abuse (bad route). So I think either your fetish goes into "bad" or you're suggesting a third path?

    6. Err, I wish I could edit lol. "and there **isn't** much emotional struggle" is what I meant to say. I said there is much emotional struggle. I mean there is no real struggle for her making you her little boy toy, she already has feelings for you and she seems very happy to have you be willing. Vs you forcing your desires onto her, she likes part of what you do (cause she already had some feelings) but of course you're rushing it, being rough, and doing it "your way" breaking some of her barriers down aggressively and it is more challenging.

      Although you could tell the story of her coming to grips with her feelings in the -neg domination side (the diary kind of starts this idea), and the path is about encouraging her to let those feelings out, could include like date night watching movie, foot massage near your crotch and she absent mindly starts to stroke your groin as you massage her leg, and some romantic talk.

      Could use that same scene (tv/couch area) on the domination side except you pick like the wrong movie and do her while watching or something, maybe you put in a movie (slideshow be easier to animate) of her doing something embarrassing (playing with herself in the toilet, or if we use the locker room idea for money and you record it - could show her that then) and while she is shocked there is a recording of this you could then dominate her while it continues to go on, and make her shout that she loves it or something. If you're going to design/render a new area might as well get to use it twice or more right? lol

    7. Crap, I need to take more time before posting - triple posting is face palm worthy. Just to further describe what I meant Testerson (on the third path comment).

      You mentioned the voyeur and teasing fetish, what I meant was that I doubt the sister is going to voyeur herself - if anything she would voyeur you lol. Her teasing you would also be her dominating. You teasing her is actually neutral right now (doesn't add/reduce dom, just adds influence). And I think that making her voyeur would fit better into the "bad" path.

      So that's all I meant, is depending on who is getting the fetish it would likely decide which of the two current paths - unless you think of a circumstance like a romantic beech skinny dipping at night or something?