Sunday, March 6, 2016

First Build!

"The Long Vacation" is an adult Semi-RPG \ Adventure game developed with Unity3D.

The game is in progress and far from completion.
yet, contains a lot of content.

Contains: Incest, 3D pornography ; animation / CG .

Justin goes to a vacation with his sister and his mother in a tropical island, far away from home.
The goal is to reach all of the sexual scenes in the game.
I don't have a better goal in mind for now...

Some of the sex scenes are animated, the rest are pictures. 


How to play:

--Press 'E' to open the inventory / relations window.
  For now only the sister has relations parameters since she is the only one these are relevant for.

--Press 'Escape' to open the main menu.

--There are 4 daily phases, morning, noon, after noon and evening / night.
At every phase npcs will randomly go to any of the 4 locations (There will be more).
You can pass time at each location to get the npcs at other places again. Some npcs are
required to be  in specific locations for specific events...

Night time will have different events which depend on the npc's relations with Justin.


Please forgive me for the grammar mistakes if you find any.
Tell me if you encounter bugs, it'll help me alot!
And reply if you get stuck somehow,
or don't know how to reach a certain scene so I'll know that a walk-trough is required.

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