Saturday, March 19, 2016

A game I've made and abandoned before this one.

I've developed a different game with the same graphical concept but with different mechanics / story and abandoned it for different reasons, mostly technical reasons. Anyhow, it still has content in it that might interest you.



In details:

The game is set in a post apocalyptic universe, you play as Justin
 (Yep, same character [probably happens after a holocaust in 'The Long Vacation' xD {Unintentional}]

The main goal in the game is to reproduce as much as possible.

It has a more generic system for relationships and provides different scenes which depend on it.

The player can have (and should have) a "Guardian" someone who takes care of him / accompanies him in the wasteland.

For now theres only 1 female, (Etta) which already has plenty of scenes.

Money could be earned by gathering scraps and selling them to the vendor at the town.

Other npc's could be found on the map by scouting an area or paying for information at the inn.

Etta has a secret scene at night if she has alot of interest in another npc which is not the player. ;)

Anyhow, that's it for now.

Different case:

I thought about making a different game (Other than the long vacation) but with the same graphical concept (3d cg's with animation).
A more strategic game about a trible of goblins which raids and kidnaps elven \ other fantasy - related race's villages \ towns.
With a larger focus on strategy \ management.

It'll be nice to know what people think about this idea, because it has alot of things it could expand towards, and carries a lot of place for previous suggestions which I saw suggested for 'The Long Vacation' but couldn't be implemented concept wisely.

I could also solve many flaws which I ignored in 'The long vacation' and were suggested \ reported by players. (Technically much more possible with an improved system)


  1. Since I assume this version is just to share and not start to develop again, I'll just make some minor comments once I've had the time to play it (likes, want to see again, stuff like that).

    As for like a different game, that could be fun to implement some ideas that you feel don't fit so well into The Long Vacation, although I do want to see the story finish on that game too. I like the incest aspect (or you can bring that fetish to the new game too, but in different context?).

    Did you want suggestions on the new game idea, or just seeing what people think of a different game? Like backstory/mechanic ideas. I can start out with questions if you like, for example are you the goblins? You capture/kidnap and you can do things to them I assume, so I assume you get to corrupt them - but there should probably be a game benefit to doing that right*? Sounds like a tactical war version of a brothel sim, which is cool :).

    *Could be story related, like you get more power the larger your harem is, an enemy group of "bad race" stole all your females, and so goblins only reproduce through other races you kidnap, you make your army through this "production" line - the more broken the producer the better the production rate/quality of unit (and race could make different types of babies that raise into different combat units). Story could include your goblins age really fast or something (not a baby forever), so you can have a stage where they can take part in breaking in their mother - with related dialog >:D. Unlock wizard to lock their growth to a certain point if you want. I think you might have to think of clever camera angles for certain scenes so you can use them in combination with dialog (otherwise you might have to remake a scene for different variations, dunno how hard that would be on you). A lot of mechanics could be around just that stuff. In the beginning if you had too many girls they could run out cause your village was damaged and you have few soldiers. Upgrades to security, training of the production (new tools, traps, methods, devices), training of soliders (could relate to production a little).

    One thing I really like in these sort of brothel sims (yours being clearly a bit different than a normal one) is a unique character here and there. Someone that has their own story you can explore, while you have some generic other girls.

    My concern is that is a lot of scenes, may be easier if restricted to a few characters only or something. Comment later once I've played this game :).

    1. oh, and thanks for sharing the game! I appreciate it :)

    2. I said brothel sim, I think I meant to say breeding / war sim. lol. And it was just an idea for you to toy with if you didn't have one you already set (sounds like you do a bit). I'm so used to edit feature.. until I can get over this missing posting feature I guess I'll just be your village idiot xD.

      Read you wanted tactics and war, and kidnapping, so I thought - they need female of course to build an army and to get different races, better quality females, plunder better areas for more money, and expand the territory, allowing them to buy better training facilities to then better raid and get more females. So everything kind of relates to itself. This might even be what you were already thinking :D, in which case awesome - love it~

      Need this to need that to need this to need that. One big circle jerk. XD. Haven't had a chance to play the game yet, but it is on the to do~

      --part 1--

    3. --part 2--

      Just some random further writing on your idea:

      Unique characters just be like one person every so often (generics could be for numbers of no specific scenes, like when you get big enough and you need a large army you obviously will have many women making your army - some maybe can hire some less skilled than you people to automate the less interesting females (but you can always take control if you wanted some fun time). Some specials could be combat special (train a female for war actually), or even not female but like a warlock joins you cause he likes what you're doing, but for like females, these special women could be specific opportunities, or traits to pass on to those you produce, a Tavern owner you can train to be yours, a queen of a city, an ancient dryad. Of course stable master(ess) to Queen, opportunities can scale upwards as the game goes on, but these ladies could have set names and special dialog (including training) - and usually are tougher than regular kidnap girls so even when you get so big you have a large training facility you still have to train these girls by your own hand :D (your stupid trainers can't handle these hardy women, or at least ask for help).

      Have to break the queen yourself huehue. Some just offer special breeding traits, so like the queen produces royal trait in the offspring that are tougher in fighting, but you couldn't train the "biggest" men (say you size, or maybe you include Minotaur or something) right away - so even if you break them initially you still have "stages" of breaking. Which is why you want to upgrade training facilities/devices, unlocks more scenes and allows you access to better opportunities.

      I was thinking - in the beginning you're a fraction of your old warchief self.. barely anyone left, no females, you need to train some small time peasant girl, it doesn't take too much, maybe she was already broken because the guards had their way with her (human guards, not you), but you have to train her yourself, and then you can decide to raise a worker goblin or something (just upgrading base options unlocked) - unlocks simple buildings but you have low resources so nothing special, and you harvest her milk and sell to nearby area for small amount of gold. Once you strengthen enough (not too long, just enough to feel like you made some progress) you start to do larger and larger tasks, and search out specific opportunities ("I need this race to make these type of warriors who will help me get to this other area which can help me make more gold so then I can unlock these new training facilities/tools, and improve my whole army, so I can attack that castle area and unlock special training sessions on the queen").

      I think this sort of thing would actually really add a lot of "game" elements. Plenty of opportunity for scenes, maybe too many (I think this is a challenging idea... you will have to think of a way to reuses some scenes without it being so bad (especially for generic characters), special characters can get more time on their scenes and care to dialog).

      I type a lot, but I like your work. If you want ideas I will pour them on you, until you see something that is interesting and you make it your own. I always assume when talking to developers that they won't do exactly what is said, but may have inspiration or at least think "oh yeah.. that is kind of a bug, let's fix that". Since I'm a crap fountain, lol, if you ever want me to spew in a particular direction or think of modifications/dialog/ideas in a specific way, then I'd be happy to.

      "I want some dialog ideas for blah, I don't do these fetishes, I need less that X 3d scenes, and fewer than x dialog boxes/minutes of story, I don't want any new mechanics - go".

  2. Played a bit so far, just wandering around right now - haven't had a scene yet lol. Can say you've shown a number of features that could be helpful for that goblin game though. Questions however, for a future game how much polish did you want? Cause I could think of minor suggestions here and there for QoL/UI polish, but they may slow you down a little or you may care more about getting the game out than just touching up bits and bobs. For example the kid's hand has the control mechanisms in one screenshot (to move it around in the editor), or actually for in The Long Vacation, you left your cursor in one of the scenes :D. I have some UI tips for navigation and smoother transition but the functionality of the game is still there, and I could still have fun without these. Things that are not really big issues since the content is still there, but is something I wondered if you wanted me to comment on. Will nest a comment deeper on this one as I go. Neat how much stuff you've done so far though, appreciate you sharing and I can't wait to unlock some scenes in the game :D :D.

    1. Got a scene with the main female, was really good - I notice a theme you have and something I won't protest if it is your preference, but there isn't too much between "no" and "I'm ready for you do go the whole way" (I mean there is a small grind, but there isn't like in-between "content"). So if you want I can continue to comment on story progression stuff like that, or if you just like to get to the good stuff after a bit then okay :D. I liked how the animation cycled itself a few times - I imagine it is a real pia to keep them from putting their hands inside their body but if possible that'd be cool (if not, because it would slow stuff down too much then okay~). Let me know if you wanted help on an idea or dialog or something.

      I think you use the wrinkly skin to show age, but I was thinking if you could try to use other notifiers instead, because to me the skin is like 59-69 year old wrinkly not 29-49. Like small cheek creases, very light crows feet, mole (not really age related but I feel it adds "age"), slight skin color change, much lighter wrinkling overall, right now some scenes it really obvious (or others are not at all) and I think maybe the resolution on the wrinkly texture is not super high so sometimes it is also a little bit pixely too. I'm not sure what tools you use to do this stuff though so I'm not aware how much trouble I am suggesting for you.

      Scene was fun though, not sure how she lasted so long being a bit chubby but I loved the body bouncing (including belly) in the scene :D (each type of girl brings something different visually, it's nice not to see the same looking female every time :D). Almost thought I had a game over when she got mad I whooped her at cards xD. There is a little bug when the big scene (only seen this one so far), where it says sleep after it is all done and I can't. So I have to close the game. I'll try to get the extra character scene next time :).

      I tried to search for him, I imagine it's the dog... heehehe, but I haven't been able to find him yet.

    2. Oh, if you wanted dialog help don't use my posts as proof lol. I'd proof read much harder for any suggestion requiring language XD.

  3. Actually I want to add a little to the fast change from "no" to "yes", and discussion of in-between content. I think for the setting you have, with maybe one extra dab in the journal, you could easily have it make sense. Because she decided to do the card game thing with me with no protest, so perhaps she doesn't really have any guilt or personal issue against doing it, but just needed to like the character first (she's a grown women with sexual desires). I think I was coming at it with the context of the last game in which the character is supposed to overcome a more serious hurdle (you need them to get over guilt, or you need to train them, or both).

    I love the journey and story aspects of these kind of games (not as much as the scenes), but like I said before I'd easily pick juicy cake with some story over some story and some cake. So I just wanted to add some context to that statement because I could imagine she'd be more willing giving the story we have, and the setting of the environment - so for her to go no to yes is just getting to the point she doesn't think you'll kill her lol (which isn't that hard cause you're a weak kid lol).

    Found the dog... :) haven't had a scene yet but the washing image was hot.

    1. Got the dog scene~ A nice fetish :). I think I've got all the scenes now right? Play the card game, get intimate, and the dog. (3 different sessions, one which has a choice of face or more).

      Now comments on scenes:
      -Some of the POV moments you do are really awesome, like when you do the sticking it in PoV.
      I imagine it is a pain to keep objects outside of each other (more fiddling in each frame or something), but that'd be nice

      -When you need to move entire objects, like the dog scene, rather than moving them like they're a toy airplane and you can see that. Maybe you can play with the perspectives a little so you can't see the feet moving or something (angle camera at crotch or PoV from girl, feet moved to a nice spot you can sort of see legs but they're not really sticks moving with the entire movement).

      -I think a good opportunity for dog (or if you do other special genital shapes), is trying to show that off (at least sometimes, and escpially if you don't intend to do that scene again) - like the dog has a knot. Could have a scene showing that knot in her/pulling her inner a little as it is locked inside :D

      -Don't forget to remove the mouse / x, y, z controller out of the shot :D

      -My comments about wrinkly skin, although for some reason it isn't always visible/on? Also you had a nice wet bottom scene, when it was a sort of doggy style with Justin and her (not sure if you did that on purpose or not but it looked like a sweaty bottom - was very nice).

      -Sounds? I know this is a pain, I know of a number of royalty free, free, areas for music - when I'm searching through it I could think of songs if you were interested for areas. I think sfx that are good would be much harder, better quiet if they're not acceptable. I know a lot of RPG maker games play a sort of squish, and clapping/slapping sound for scenes.

      The diary worked for me in this game, but I was in windowed mode vs the fullscreen (game's UI didn't want to show up right for me when I was fullscreen). I do use fullscreen on Long Vacation, I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

      Def. suggest pages vs middle mouse scrolling paper for any other books in the future though :P. Can add bookmark/tabs if you ever go diary crazy and it has a lot later. I like writing stuff in games and wouldn't mind seeing more dialog (felt like you had a bit more dialog in this game vs Long Vacation, I liked that). Would be happy help seed dialog ideas/scene stuff if you wanted.

      I have comments I could make about like UI, UI transitions, gameplay, dialog moments, stuff like that but I think you just showed us this to share and thank you for that. I enjoyed what you created in it :).

      Anyway, I hope you keep doing what you're doing cause it was fun. See you at your next post ~

  4. you shouldn't abandone this game, only you put it in stand by.

    the apocaliptic them the it's a good idea, when i try your game the first idea came to my was, fallout.
    you should continue this game and long vacation. Two game could be hard work, but they are different themes, long vacation (training whore and incest) and PA (strategy game: train and upgrade camp and guardians, for example).

    i don't play having two guardians, when I'll play only one (not Etta) and two guardians, if I'll see more bug i tell you.

    if you will continue this project, you should add and fix bug:

    - Etta sex scene, when you finish and want select doesn't advance.
    - strip poker scene, if justin is a etta's lover, it could finish in sex scene not a hate scene.

    - save game
    -preferences menu (save, load game)

    thanks for your time, i'll hope my coment help you.

  5. nice game, are you going further with this game? or is this it.

    1. I might return to it after The Long Vacation is done.

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