Friday, March 18, 2016

4th Build!

4th build!


I really wish I could implement more, didn't have the time unfortunately...


-Fixed a few minor bugs...

-Added more sister related evening scenes. (Now splitted into a lot of dominance or a lot of submission )

-Added 2 items.

-Added another NPC (Irena)

-Added another location (Coffeebar Backroom)

**The new build now includes 7 new sex scenes.

Have fun.
Feel free to post your review on the new build.


  1. Awesome, thank you :), will comment again later,

  2. 7 new scenes? That's alot,thanks :)

  3. Nice update :D, feedback on the game so far:

    -sis goes in shower, could we peek? (not a big scene since we have no stats at that point, but my thought just cause she said she will lol - thought me might try)

    -shop keepers, once you've met them I think it would be nice if they have a shorter intro blurb so you can get right to buying or asking other questions.

    -a clock/time, maybe an option to hide it if you want. hotkey it to something

    -I like as we get more options, but the right side only has so much room haha - perhaps you can start to put the interactions near the locations they take place, if multiple options are available you can have it open up. So like click chuck to talk to chuck, if your sis is near the pool you can click her to sunscreen her or click the pool and tease her, if you unlock another option with her or something else at the same time it just opens up a context menu "tease sis" "take off shorts" something like that. Could save space on the right, and speed up interactions if people know what they want already. For things that are more like "go to" you can just put them on the side / area they are relevant (like if the bathroom is to the right, it would be there and the box there). The only on the side (or somewhere consistent) approach is probably the better choice for scenes and dialog choices though.

    Text goes off the screen for me when reading diary/book stuff, 1920x1080 resolution if that helps.

    Def. want to see you do more with the mom when she is in the sand

    I assume there will be something when you look at her butt (night time) and instead of fighting it you do something? Maybe you can choose to dominate your sister with it (once you get to that point, maybe have to get her even more dominated and she'll do it near/on her mom), or you can relieve on her face, hair, chest, or undies (mom/sis), or put it in mom.

    In the mom scene "justin please dont anyone", i think you meant to put "tell" in there. You used the word shower, but they were in the bathtub the entire time.

    Not sure what to do with the sleeping pills, and I can't convince anyone to stay past night right?

    The new scenes for the sis are awesome, quick question on them though. Seems like once I get to pick what I do, I can't finish I just get to pick the other options (stuck watching scenes, which isn't the worst way to be stuck but yea lol). Also was that there just to show them off or is that the intention, after your first restraint? The dialog on her being controlling was nice, maybe a bit of that from bro to her. Not sure you want to do the dialog change suggestion (when stats reach certain points), but it could be nice if she gets mad at you (tried to hide she liked it) but you can buy her something or do something to make her a little bit happier and then next time you dominate her she accepts it more (then you can do the admit you like it, and she does), could also open up more of those scenes you made (like the willing sis ride).

    On dominate: I think you could expand the pool dominate scene too (when you have enough points). When you lean her over the pool, or even catching her in the bathroom.

    Curious if there will be any butt scenes.

    Says 4th build here, but in game it says 3 btw.

    Thanks for the update !

    1. No idea why I said click the pool to tease her, would make sense to bundle all actions relating to her "to her" (click her, can sunscreen, or tease in the pool). So yea. also reduces clutter even more. Less blurbs, buttons, or highlights to put on screen.

    2. Let me know if you want a wider audience for opinions, cause I can do this for a long time lol. ("stop spamming me!" :P)

      I think it could be fun to work with Irena a bit, perhaps the more you purchase stuff from her (only three things atm) the bigger relationship. Maybe buy her, "show me x" , "do this to me", at a point earn a key to rooms or something (or the other staff may before may have been mad at you being in the adult sauna but you bought a major staff so they don't pay attention, sweaty sauna room scene?).

      Can earn extra money by blind folding your sister and tying her up in a closet/locker room and then inviting people to get "in line" with a fee, rule is they can't talk. Maybe sister dialog starts out nice, and since she is so dominated she talks dirty - but when one leaves and another gets in, she is suspicious (but still likes it) but maybe you get like ". . . " or something. You can repeat the scene, and she'll go along but ask like how you lasted so long or some other question.. and you can unblind fold her during it. But maybe to keep it to your "not super slave" she is mad and you can barely convince her to stay and she takes a cut of your money. You have to comfort her and after you do that she may let you take her there again, but wants the blindfold. Ofc.. after a while I'd like her to just get into it without one, but you may still even with a emotional story/explanation that it is still a bit too slavey. Can modify the idea to just chuck, or drunk sister, or whatever. Just a random scene idea :)

      Also like Chuck if you can either sneak off (early dominate option), she loves you so much (backwards dominate), or further dominate options like you tell her to beg for it raw, initial response is "no.." and you can decide to go without or test her dominate stat and say fine we don't do it and she will decide if she wants it bad enough and beg. Earns you basic option to go without. Or you can play with condom fetish, like load up one (or many) and you can have lots of ideas from there lol (make her eat it, pour it into her x / y, a big scene could have them appear over time).

      Tell me when to be quiet, otherwise I'll just post when something comes to me. Or when I'm going way too far off target that you're screaming no. (I get that even if you don't mind an idea that you might not do it cause time/desire/practicality, don't need to say that :P)

    3. Keep on posting, I don't think anyone would hate or be disinterested in the fact that someone else is reviewing his content. I read everything you write and note it.

    4. All the bugs he mentioned and most of the scene suggestions, I highly recommend scenes that build up to sex rather than just grinding stat points then BAM, sex, its very robotic. It would serve for good filler and keep the player engaged.

      Also yes, the diary bug is seriously an issue, though not until the diary is actually a practical item needed to unlock scenes or story.

  4. OK this update its pretty good but , is there any use for the pills or the handcufs ?? and the scene with the sistar at night seems to be bugged or ? o.O.

    1. After you get a lot of interest and dominance you can use the handcuffs on your sis... :D I think you'll know when you can use them because it will go from tease and stuff to like "wake up roughly" / "kiss on the forehead (I think?)"

    2. u mean the restrained possition ? u have it even w/o the hadncuffs

    3. You don't get a message that says he needs handcuffs to go further? Then when you have them he puts them on her / to the bed. Maybe you flew right by it, if you used like cheat engine to max dominate or something - you can go straight to demand sex. But I think it was intended do this hand cuff action, which makes her admit she likes it and then you can demand it (without handcuffs). I think there should be a little step between that (not big) but otherwise, yay we're getting her to like being dominated :D

  5. Hey, just saw you started responding to comments myster, I must say I am curious how you are able to add content so quickly. Did you spend a long time on the core game? I never dabbled in unity but am curious if it is pretty easy to use or if you are just experienced at it.

    P.S will play new version and give feedback soon.

  6. Ok, at first it didn't matter, but now its just annoying.

    Please add a different way to earn items or money. Also, if the items have no current purpose and are there to pave the way for newer content PLEASE MAKE THAT CLEAR IN UPDATE CHANGELOG.

    Not a fan of grinding that mini game only to have zero interactions, except new dialog with oggabooga buy.

    I played for like 2 hours, and I just got the "wake roughly" scene. It was nice but good god. Not worth it.

    The guy above made very good points ill point them out in a reply, but for somethings that weren't stated yet.

    - The mothers stat, doesn't make sense in the context of her scenes. She bangs justin and enjoys it. The stat then repeats. This does not make sense. If she was really into it, she should feel shame not pleasure.

    I just noticed this and realized how you can rework the mom, if you wish to make each sex girl different in regards to stats.

    Have desperate for sex, and something "devious" or "incestuous". See, desperate for sex should be her getting more and more horny, but realistically she would feel shame for needing sex from her son. So when you bang her she is satisfied but wants to forget about it, BUT each time you bang her, she grows in that second stat I mentioned this is how new scenes could be unlocked.

    Example: You bang mom once, her thing resets, she gets a bit incestuous, rinse and repeat until incest stat is high enough to unlock scenes where she goes full slut and enjoys it (what you have now).
    You could also do it in a way that requires you to wait for her sex drive to be past say 30 to get a new scene for a bigger boost to incest stat.
    Its essentially making sex drive a charge bar for incest stat.

    Aside from the money grinding and lack of clarity on release notes (and the things said above such as broken notebook) I don't have any other issues.

    I recommend more depth and interaction and more logical ways of addressing the build to incest, like I stated about the mom.

    You pretty much nailed it with the sister, though I think somethings should be required to happen before the sex massage.

    P.S I saw you added pics to camera, Nice, now just let us zoom on them and add a purpose to them like being needed to allow justin to realize his sister is a horny slut and takes photos of him, and we are all set.

    1. Sorry i butchered that first bullet point.

      I meant to say it makes no sense that mom would fuck justin, enjoy it, but get unhorny and act like nothing happened.

      It makes more sense that she felt more shameful for enjoying incest sex, due to the stat resetting each sex scene.

    2. Haha yeah, let us know if the item can't be used yet. Maybe a slight icon change, like a small red x or a warning box ("You can purchase this item for content in the future, but it there is no content currently associated"). Would be very helpful lol.

      Also I like the mom idea, I'm crazy and wouldn't mind training the mom either but different mechanics could be interesting spice (and training your mom seems more far fetched than your sis lol - but if it happens I'll just get a bigger box of tissues... huehue).

      If there is a shame route, which I'm not opposed to at all - maybe move the bathtub scene behind like petting (we have) > kissing -> french kissing and she strokes you -> heavy petting -> stroking you again, you can beg her to finish cause it will hurt if he doesn't -> reluctant bj / boobjob -> the full blown deal or something. That is a lot of in-between growth to boost the incest stat to the point she will shamefully have sex, but dunno feels like a proper development. If not that, and Myster would just like to keep the current order -> very horny -> heavy petting -> bath -> sex.

      Maybe a great story queue if we keep the current progression could be her commenting on being hot, her being "wet" down there (when you peek), maybe touching herself in her sleep, or pushing her bottom against you in her sleep, another activity could her not being the bed at night and you get a option to peek on her masturbating in the bathroom (scenes could come out of that, if she is horny enough/story moved forward enough). The difference from the first part (bunch of scenes leading up to the sex) and the second part is it gives you context to her hornyness, but it doesn't actually require you to do anything extra so Myster's current progression is untouched (you can learn about her hornyness and it gives context to the early sex scene). However, I agree with you that building a stat that keeps her wanting more and not suddenly dropping to 0 after enjoying a good time would be nice.

      What I saw mentally when reading your idea: mom gets to 10 stat, she is a bit horny you touch her leg and she questions you, and you can get the option to snuggle up, and it moves her horny stat up (your actions can make her want it more). But at 15 when you lean in she'll lean in a bit and you can kiss her, uping the incest stat and then it can reset (maybe 10/15 are a bit high since that means it takes 10 days before you can accelerate the process, maybe day 5 you can lean in and snuggle into her boozom, and day 7 (after the first interaction) you can begin to kiss her and up the incest stat, which would make her horny and incestous and more accepting of this bad relationship (which would give you a sort of check point because it would start to move up a minimum level of hornyness or at least behave that way, you could kiss her sooner or right away after reaching that point).

      I can make every character a training sim, so what do you think Testerson about the beach scene - would that have anything to do with her incest/horny meter? Or to make it less slave trainer, it resets her horny meter / lowers (can get like negative hornyness if you take your relationship too fast too hard, as your mom is still the power authority unlike your sister).

      ---Part 1---

    3. ---part 2---

      Non-incest horny mom (similar dialog might work for non-horny, incest mom): "oh my poor boy needs to relieve himself, I'll just use my hands/lick just the tip - what a shameful mother I am - but I don't want him going to anyone else! this is for him.. just this one time" (number of activities you can do with her are limited vs the below option)

      super incest horny mom: "fuck me, put your babies where you came from, I want your finger in my ass! Bang your slutty mother! Make me a bitch in heat again" (lol maybe that is too dominated? could move to sister). So when you pick semi-mean actions it is never really slave like. Always a bit of her motherly control involved (like if you get to do something to her in the beach scene, even though she might start out mad - she will agree to you doing something to her, she had the power to say no), so she'll do some naughty things willingly as your wild loving mother.

      Again.. I'd just take banging her up more but, I agree variety can be a great spice - I just have a clear bias for a certain content lol.

  7. the build says 3 is this right ?!CUwmnBTB!NNmYH_C9p4LsTNdKZklv1rWo4G5MOE_ITHYMBCFgIOQ

    1. It's 4, I forgot to change the build number -_--

  8. is it possible to include a screen sizer for resolution of 1024 by 800 window ?

  9. Hello , at the beach , there is no native who request to bring a night of girl? Comment on that? I All the articles I have spoken to everyone .. nothing

  10. Hey, when is the next build coming up? Been loving it so far man, really would apreciate more

  11. Hope you're still making the game, it has a great potential..

  12. I know from experience that as a game grows, it can take a lot more time to add everything you want in subsequent updates, but is there any chance we can get a status update on this project? I'm pretty excited to see more when you're ready to release it.

    Additionally, I like the post apocalyptic game above (Working on a post apocalyptic game of my own with a couple of other people recently, we're a ways off from sharing though.) I hope that once you finish The Long Vacation, that you will go back and continue that game as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Many thanks for all of my projects supporters, I'll post my thoughts in a few minutes to show the current status of the projects / future projects / what should be created or not.